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Here's what UAB Baseball Coach Brian Shoop had to say after Matt invested 2 full days with the Blazers:

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Matt's most popular keynote changes the way you think. Audience members will get clarity on their purpose, define their desired outcomes, and then work backwards to create a clear path to the destination, while understanding that being in the moment and winning the day is the only way to get there.

OUTCOME: Perspective Shift, Clarity of Purpose, and Action Plan to Accomplish Defined Goals

PERFECT FOR: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Large Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, Athletic Teams


This challenging, no-fluff, in your face message focuses on the reality of what is required to rise to the top of your field.

OUTCOME: Tangible Action Steps + Inspiration to Level Up, Play Bigger, Think Differently, Make It Happen

PERFECT FOR: Competitive Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals, Fortune 500 Companies, Athletic Teams


You are your brand. Learn the proven process of brand building, as well as how influencers can scale knowledge and expertise to maximize their impact in the world.

OUTCOME: Highly Actionable Steps to Start Building & Monetizing Your Brand

PERFECT FOR: Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Network Marketers, Coaching Organizations, Collegiate and Professional Athletes, Artists & Performers, Students


This eye-opening keynote is a life-changer. Matt shares incredible tools and strategies to simplify your life and business, while enjoying more of life's greatest moments. This message is guaranteed to increase your clarity and improve your quality of life, both personally and professionally.

OUTCOME: Increase Focus and Productivity, Reduce Clutter, Remove Limiting Beliefs

PERFECT FOR: Stagnant Businesses, Experienced Entrepreneurs


If there's one thing you take home from this, it will be a fresh outlook and new perspective of how increased focus on the process generates greater results. Matt shares riveting stories that communicate how focusing on impact is greater than, but also leads to, making more money.

OUTCOME: Increased Focus on the Process

PERFECT FOR: Young Professionals, Non-Profit Organizations

Starting at $5,000/day

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Matt’s mission is to equip others with the tools they need to maximize their impact, and believes that a limitation of the speaking industry is the lack of follow-up after the message is shared on stage. He desires the opportunity to share the next steps for them to continue the journey, whether that is by selling a product or collecting contact information to follow-up in the future. Matt is very respectful of your wishes and the offer can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
A wireless lavalier or over-the-ear microphone, sufficient sound system, and a video projection screen with HDMI or USB-C capability. Wi-Fi network + username and password (if required) should be provided prior to Matt’s arrival.
Matt has an introduction video to be played prior to his entrance. If the event host would like to introduce Matt prior to the introduction video, they are more than welcome to do so.