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Originally released back in October of 2014, Matt is now able to claim the creation of Mental Game VIP since his NCAA eligibility is exhausted. NCAA Compliance prevents any student-athlete from promoting any commercial product with their name or likeness while they are still playing.

Mental Game VIP features exclusive interviews with 21 of the top sport psychologists and mental conditioning coaches in baseball. These have been transcribed and sorted by topic in the Mental Game VIP book, eBook, 10-CD audio program and iTunes-ready audio download. All available exclusively at!

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Brian Cain

Matt is a man of excellence and one of the hardest working young men I know. He brings a relentless, contagious energy every day and is a passionate student and teacher of the mental game.

Brian CainMental Conditioning CoachBrian Cain Peak Performance
Derek Claussen

As a student-athlete himself, Matt is a natural leader who is able to connect on a level that is understood by all of the athletes at Profactory. He instantly gains the trust and loyalty of everyone he works with because of his natural demeanor and genuine interest in the lives of others.

Derek ClaussenOwnerProfactory Sports Performance
Paul Banister

Matt is a man of talent, tenacious drive, and tremendous character. He has an unpretentious attitude about the high caliber of talent that he possesses. Matt’s drive to be his best naturally spills over into the benefit of others. He is a rare combination of good intellect, athletic talent, and great character.

Paul BanisterPastorCornerstone Church
Dr. Jeff Schutt

Matt Morse has always exhibited responsibility, reliability and a passion to help others. I have witnessed these traits during his high school  career as an all-state baseball and football player, as well as his collegiate baseball career. Matt always goes the extra mile in preparing himself to live a life of excellence.

Dr. Jeff SchuttHealth & Wellness Expert
Steve Hayward

Matt Morse is a WINNER! In my 30 years of coaching, I have never met a finer young man. Matt is first class in everything that he does. It is an honor to say that I have the opportunity to coach Matt throughout his baseball career.

Steve HaywardHitting Coach
Erica Sisson

Matt is a definite master of the mental game, not only in sports, but in life as well. He is a real example of everything he teaches and stands for, and that is evident the very first time you meet him. Matt is an instant hit because of his passion for teaching others.

Erica SissonAssistant Softball Coach
Bob Sexton

The improvements that my son experiences after just one weekend with Matt were outstanding! Matt is a great teacher of the mental game and brings a vast array of valuable experience to his work.

Bob SextonOwnerWebGem Glove Care
Alan Jaeger

Matt has the skill set along with the knowledge and experience to be one of the top coaches and mentors in the world at a very young age! He is a priceless resource for the latest training techniques and strategies to improve your life and performance.

Alan JaegerOwner & CoachJaeger Sports